ATM Surrounds

Your brand will stand out with an ATM Surround from Philadelphia Sign.

As a sign industry leader Philadelphia Sign has been the premier provider of signage to the financial market for over 80 years. We’ve been at the forefront of ATM surround design and technology with turnkey solutions for ATM’s – from design to manufacture to installation.

PSCO is one of the earliest sign companies to create a full line of branded self-serve banking fixtures. Philadelphia Sign kiosks, canopies, toppers, glow walls and surrounds are the result of smart engineering and beautifully crafted design. Our millwork and metal fabrication capabilities are second to none, and we work with a variety of materials: aluminum, fiberglass, plastics. We also incorporate energy-efficient, money-saving lighting components.

Whether at the branch level or stand-alone kiosks, PSCO can create a unique, custom experience for your clientele that extends your brand presence and retail footprint.

Let PSCO create an ATM surround that engages your customer and supports your marketing and branding initiatives.


Dramatic and dimensional, ATM glow walls add a wow-factor to your brand experience at the point of contact. Your ATM will be a stand-out with a custom designed glow wall from Philadelphia Sign.

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Attract more customers with a branded ATM from Philadelphia Sign.