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Bank of America

PSCO began working with Bank of America on brand conversions programs in 2002.

The beginning of the millennium was the beginning of an almost 20 year relationship with Bank of America as well as the Merrill Lynch Brand too. We partnered with the financial giant throughout the years along with various brand re-images, acquisitions, a stadium site, and highrises. Some notable work has included sign work covering 10 Midwestern states, as well as additional conversions like those that followed the 360-branch LaSalle Bank acquisition.

PSCO also provided turnkey services for over 475 locations for the Bank of America/Fleet conversion. The scope of work encompassed code research, recommendations, permitting, fabrication, installation and punch-list.

When it comes to experience with signage at sports arenas, PSCO was able to fabricate and install signage and banners at Gillette Stadium for Bank of America.

As we continue to expand our presence with Bank of America, we have included highrise installations. It has become an extra added bonus that we can take on these complex projects. 

We have been a part of various brand refreshes and provided sign maintenance for Bank of America throughout BOA locations. The future with BOA is promising with the most recent brand unveil.  The new image program right now includes 150 locations in New England, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, Southeast, and even Canada. There are some installations that have taken place with more to come throughout 2020 and into 2021. 

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