Philadelphia Sign Introduces the K-Line Series, a Turnkey Solution line of interior signs

Wayfinding refers to information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. As PSCO navigates and evolves on the wayfinding side of the sign industry, PSCO has created the first complete interior sign product line offering to further our expertise with our wayfinding solutions offerings. This turn-key solution line of interior signs, or K-line Series, is a modular & changeable sign system was designed to meet the current & changing wayfinding needs of our customers.

Meet the K-Line Series

K-Line Wayfinding Product Line by Philadelphia Sign

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How the K-Line is Made

The typical K-Line sign offers a sturdy aluminum frame with a changeable acrylic lens. Behind that lens is a printed, changeable insert made from either photo-grade paper or polypropylene. The printed insert sits behind the removable lens and inside of the sign frame much like a photograph inside of a picture frame. Updating signs is made easy with the aid of a special suction cup to remove the lens and insert.

The beauty of this construction is that it opens up a wide variety of size and color combinations to meet most any customer branding application so the flexibility to take this series, and maximize your brand exposure is possible with this K-Line Series as a starting point for a  wayfinding project. The rigid aluminum frame is produced in standard silver color.

The changeable insert can be printed with any message or graphic. Required ADA Braille and Tactile copy can be found on the acrylic faceplate or the design can be modified for placement of the ADA copy on an optional header. The PSCO K-Line easily, quickly, and affordably adapts to these changes. Given the ease and affordability of change, there is also the benefit of changing the sign in its current, mounting location. This avoids the mess and expense of sign removal along with the patching & painting of damaged walls.

Acrylic headers and footers add to the options of the appearance and branding possibilities. The headers can be printed with a copy (or not) or may present the perfect location for the client’s logo. The headers and footers are offered in a wide multitude of shapes, colors, and sizes. The K-Line is offered in standard interior signage shapes and sizes, yet custom sizes and applications are always an option. It is the perfect platform to carry a customer’s branding throughout the facility.

How PSCO can incorporate the K-Line into any Interior Project

In addition to this standard offering, we also offer the services of wayfinding planning and custom design. We take the K-Line and craft it to meet specific client needs in terms of branding, directional applications, and room labeling in various industries and especially for corporate, education, healthcare facilities.  The PSCO team develops a sign portfolio unique to your environment. You are guided throughout the process by our expert wayfinding planners and project managers to keep to schedule for implementation of your wayfinding solution. Your wayfinding signage should be a part of a cohesive design aesthetic, serving a functional purpose while still communicating your brand identity.

You can trust the signage experts at Philadelphia Sign to create a wayfinding sign portfolio for your facility. We have the experience to manage the process from design and planning to manufacturing and installation – whether for new construction or renovations.

The Wayfinding Division of Philadelphia Sign is pleased to announce that effective September 2020 we were successful in securing a GSA Government Contract. This will allow government agencies, such as Veterans’ Hospitals, Military Installations as well as municipalities to purchase from our GSA K-Line Catalogue.

GSA contract Holder for K-Line Series Signs

Contact us to discuss your wayfinding needs for your facility and how you can get started with the K-Line Series today!