Subcontractor Prequalification

Work with one of the leading companies in the sign industry.

This form is for you to fill out to start the qualification process to be an approved subcontractor for Philadelphia Sign.  If you have any questions about this form submission, please reach out to Laura Lindsey or 856-829-1460 x288


    Pay-to Address

    Shipping Address

    Contact Information

    Licenses and certifications

    Does your company have a contractor's license?

    If so, is it held:

    NOTE: You will need to provide a copy of the welding certification for each certified employee. You will also need to provide copies of all licenses for all individual employees and for all governing entities. Attach a separate page if there are multiple licenses to be listed.

    Photos and Documentation

    PSCO requires photos and documentation of your previous work for review prior to approval as our vendor. Provide the following:

    1. Photo of behind the wall for remote channel letters.

    2. Weld photos from a multi---stage structure. You must provide progression photos, showing plug welds, cap ring, and flange welding.

    Business Enterprise

    Is your business:


    Check all that apply.


    Check all that apply.

    Coverage Area

    Please provide a map of the area serviced. Note “Installation” and “Service” if different.

    Insurance Coverage

    Insurance coverage. Please attach, or forward, a copy of your insurance certificate. PSCO’s requirements are:

    1. Commercial general liability:$1,000,000

    2. Automobile liability:$1,000,000

    3. Worker’s comp:$500,000

    In addition, you must show that excess/umbrella liability limits are carried. You must provide a copy that shows the additional insured certificate holder as Philadelphia Sign Company; the certificate must have a cancellation clause of 30 days minimum written notice.

    Trade references

    These can be owners, architects,subcontractors, orsureties. Include company and contact name, address, and phone number. Applicationsthat do not include trade references will not be processed.

    Company 1

    Company 2

    Include any additional information, notes, or comments that you want to have considered with this application.


    PSCO requires that:


    All work shall be performed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding employee health and safety. It is the contractor’sresponsibility to determine if the state has an OHSA approved state plan for the work being performed and to determine which portions of the state plan apply.


    Philadelphia Sign Company (PSCO) has several policies regarding the recycling, reuse, and disposal of all sign components along with internal environmental office policies that at all times are fully comply with the standards and regulations set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and all other federal, state and local agencies in regards to all company operations. The list, while extensive, includes the proper disposal of any and all signs (whether damaged or reusable) along with all sign components. PSCO understands that disposing of these items must be done in an appropriate and environmentally conscious manner that allows our company to have a limited negative impact on our environment and to comply with the laws of sustainability. The practice of sustainability is a tremendous asset to our customers, clients, and employees alike and it is our company’s policy that all of our employees follow the policies and practices outlined in this document.


    All materials provided and work furnished shall be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding the environment, including but not limited to the Federal Clean Air Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Toxic Substances Control Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act, and all applicable materials recycled.

    Our Environmental Policy Synopsis

    Philadelphia Sign Company is committed to operating a businessin an ethical,safe and environmentally friendly manner. We work very closely with our suppliers, vendors, clients, and employees to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality, the most cost---effective and the highest regard for sustainability and environmental consciousness.

    Company Procedures for Disposal, Recycling, and Reuse of signage, sign components and other materials

    Procedure for handling all returned, old, damaged, or unused signs and sign components: PSCO requires that all signage removed from a job site must follow one of the procedures below for proper disposal or reuse:

    • Any damaged or old signs that can no longer be used must be taken down so that each component (illumination, electrical, metals, plastics, etc.) can be properly disposed of or reused.

    • Any component or sign deemed reusable will be stored at our shop for reuse when applicable and will be fully inspected again before any re---use to ensure that all safety and environmental controls are met.

    • Any component that cannot be repaired or reused due to their physical condition, due to a safety issue/concern issue, or due to regulatory compliance (local, state, or federal) must be handled in the appropriate manner and disposed of correctly.