Looking for a supplier that shares your corporate commitment to environmental responsibility?

Philadelphia Sign has implemented ecologically friendly practices throughout our manufacturing process to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and decrease operating costs without compromising quality signage. Our initiatives are a natural complement to your own sustainable practices and green building efforts. In choosing us as your sign supplier, you further your corporate commitment to environmental responsibility.

In 2010, Philadelphia Sign was the first sign company on the east coast to convert our production facility to solar power. Every sign we make is fabricated using renewable solar energy. The 910 kilowatt solar installation is capable of generating 1.1 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, enough energy to power 900 homes. And, each year the solar panels will offset enough carbon pollution equivalent to 4,700 acres of trees.

Our other green initiatives include:

  • using lead-free low VOC paint.recycling materials in shipping whenever possible minimizing our impact on the reliance of
  • harvesting trees for virgin materials.
  • engineering our signs to use LED illumination for lower energy consumption.
  • implementing a thorough recycling program sorting scrap aluminum, plastics, wood, painted and non-painted materials to the appropriate recycling stations.

Philadelphia Sign enjoys a history as an industry trendsetter.

Our successful venture into green technology reflects a legacy of adaptability and innovation. We are excited to lead our industry, and take advantage of the environmental and cost-effective benefits associated with renewable energy.

Philadelphia Sign is the industry leader in sustainability

from material choices to manufacturing innovations.