PSCO offers essential wayfinding signage and directories for educational, healthcare, or corporate-based environments.

PSCO successfully addresses complex wayfinding needs while following local codes & ADA compliant requirements.

Wayfinding is a particular family of interior and exterior signage designed to point the way; communicate critical safety information; help users orient themselves and aid navigation in a physical environment. Using text, graphics and tactile signage, wayfinding can be used to label landmarks and locations, map a route and even identify potential dangers.

The PSCO team develops a sign portfolio unique to your environment. You are guided throughout the process by our expert wayfinding planners and project managers to keep to schedule for implementation of your wayfinding solution. Our belief is that wayfinding should serve a dual purpose: to provide directional information while reinforcing your brand image through the design aesthetic.

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Philadelphia Sign offers essential wayfinding signage solutions for universities, hospitals, airports, and corporate industries. Our product line includes complete interior and exterior wayfinding signage to navigate throughout a facility. Some features of the PSCO product lines include complete digital, branding, ADA, hospital, directional, campus, and office solutions. Our team of planners and project managers are ready to get started to equip you the latest in wayfinding solutions.

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Find Your Way Through a Hospital with Wayfinding

Navigating hospitals and medical complexes can be challenging. Visitors to healthcare centers are often distracted or anxious. Efficient signage is your first interaction with patients and can reduce anxiety while guiding them to critical treatment areas. Well-planned...

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