PSCO offers essential wayfinding signage and directories for educational, healthcare, or corporate-based environments.

PSCO successfully addresses complex wayfinding needs while following local codes & ADA compliant requirements.

Wayfinding is a particular family of interior and exterior signage designed to point the way; communicate critical safety information; help users orient themselves and aid navigation in a physical environment. Using text, graphics, and tactile signage, wayfinding can be used to label landmarks and locations, map a route, and even identify potential dangers.

Philadelphia Sign provides a complete wayfinding solution package that can adhere to your brand identity as well as serve purpose throughout your facility to provide your visitors with the know-how as they travel to their destination. 

PSCO K-Line Wayfinging Product line
GSA contract Holder for K-Line Series Signs

The PSCO team develops a sign portfolio unique to your environment. You are guided throughout the process by our expert wayfinding planners and project managers to keep to schedule for implementation of your wayfinding solution.

Our belief is that wayfinding should serve a dual purpose: to provide directional information while reinforcing your brand image through the design aesthetic.  PSCO has a team of experts with decades of experience incorporating and perfecting the wayfinding solution specific to your location.

Our Wayfinding Process

Introducing the K-Line Interior Sign System

Philadelphia Sign offers essential wayfinding signage solutions for universities, hospitals, airports, and corporate industries. With the launch of PSCO’s first product line called, The K-Line, PSCO’s new interior sign line was designed to meet the current and changing wayfinding needs of the customers across many industries with the ability to tailor this product line to specific requirements.

The Wayfinding Division of Philadelphia Sign is pleased to announce that effective September 2020, PSCO was successful in securing a GSA Government Contract. This allows government agencies, such as Veterans’ Hospitals, Military Installations as well as municipalities to purchase from our GSA K-Line Catalogue.  The K-Line is offered in standard interior signage shapes and sizes, yet custom sizes and applications are always an option. It is the perfect platform to carry a customer’s branding throughout the facility.

K-Line Product Series

The beauty of this construction is that it opens up a wide variety of size and color combinations to meet most any customer branding application so the flexibility to take this series, and maximize your brand exposure is possible with this K-Line Series.

GSA contract Holder for K-Line Series Signs

Signs of Recovery: a Return to the Workplace

Employers must tackle a new set of challenges: how to make the workplace safe and productive.  Before reopening your doors to employees now is the time to review, reassess and reinvent the workplace to accommodate a new normal.  The ground rules of what work will look like post-pandemic will continue to evolve. Remote, staggered, or hybrid schedules may be the norm.

Healthcare Signage: Responding to Changes During and Post-Pandemic

Hospitals and medical centers have been centers of intense activity during the pandemic, while your frontline employees have spent untold added hours within patient care facilities. The demands placed on your staff and your physical spaces have been unprecedented.  As...

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